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How to choose Jewelry Trays

How to choose Jewelry Trays

Evanna 2023-08-24 15:19:47

How to choose Jewelry Trays

Material: Common jewelry tray materials are wood, plastic, leather and so on.

The wooden tray has good texture, suitable for displaying high-end jewelry.

The plastic tray is light and easy to carry, suitable for traveling or displaying more styles of jewelry.

The elegant texture of the leather tray is suitable for displaying high-end jewelry or as a gift.

Size: Select the appropriate tray size according to the number and size of the jewelry. If you need to display multiple pieces of jewelry, you can choose a larger tray. 

Color and design: Choose the color and design of the tray that matches the style of the jewelry, making the overall display effect more coordinated and beautiful.

Protection: Consider whether the tray has a function to protect the jewelry, such as a lining material or divider, to avoid friction and collision between the jewelry.